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Even if you havent worked in digital marketing or with an SEO company in the past, there is a good chance that you have heard that links from one website to another play some role in the way that Google ranks websites. Theres one very important thing to understand when it comes to backlinks.
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According to the search engine, a page with plenty of backlinks is a page with authority. Backlinks help with faster indexing. One of the ways search engines discover new websites is by following backlinks from existing web pages. It means that its more difficult for search engines to discover your website if you dont have any backlinks. This is especially important for new websites. If you want search engines to discover your site faster and begin showing your content in result pages, you need backlinks. Backlinks generate referral traffic. This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of backlinks - they can help you generate tons of referral traffic. Think of the number of people who read articles on the Forbes website, for example.
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In terms of relevance, a website linking to another site within its industry is a vote saying this site explains this topic better than we could or this site is the original source of this information, both of which are incredibly good signs of quality. Think of each backlink as giving a vote to a website, except not everyone has an equal number of votes. The graph below shows the number of votes that could be given based on the type of site it comes from. Note that the graph uses hypothetical data, and might actually underestimate the importance of high quality links compared to average quality, irrelevant sites. Visual Representation of the importance of high quality backlinks for SEO. What Determines Backlink Quality. As mentioned previously, there are two main aspects of backlink quality: Authority and relevance.
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6 Ways to Get Backlinks in 2019. By Kevin September 13, 2019. One great way to rank high on the results pages of search engines is to obtain high-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks are one of Googles top three ranking factors, they have confirmed.
Link Building for SEO: A Complete Guide.
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Generating backlinks can be a tedious process, but if youre dedicated to generating high-quality backlinks on a range of websites and social media accounts in your niche, you can stay in Googles 'good' books'' and experience an increase in web traffic over time. Remember that the quality of your own website and content goes a long way in relationship building and cultivating professional rapport with other website owners who will potentially backlink to your website. Make your content useful and actionable, target highly-rated websites, and continually nurture online professional relationships to generate the types of backlinks that can positively affect your SEO rankings. Note: This article was originally published in October 2018. Browse all our content on Content Marketing. eBook: How to Start a Podcast as part of a Content Marketing Strategy. eBook: How to Create Great Digital Marketing Content. Related Free Video Lessons. SEO Setup Keyword Research. Strategy and Planning SEO Strategy. SEO Workshop Content Marketing for SEO. Introduction Technical SEO. Webinars: Webinar: How Data Science Can Boost SEO Strategy In 2023 Neil Patel Chris Penn.
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Lets see some of the main keywords this site is able to rank for - I used Ubersuggest, free SEO tool by Neil Patel. Nothing surprising here. Most of the ranking is on either second or third page and the keywords that the site is able to rank for are nothing phenomenon. Lets check the backlink profile - I used Ubersuggest and free Ahref backlink checker tool.
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How Small Businesses Can Build Quality Backlinks in 2019 and Beyond. January 10th, 2019 by Sarah Spencer. Backlinks have traditionally been one of the most important ranking factors in Googles mysterious SEO algorithm. So what exactly is a backlink, and why is it important? A backlink is simply a link on someone elses site that leads to your site. Google values them because your site must be reputable and authoritative if lots of other sites value your content enough to share it. The classic ways to acquire backlinks can still be useful, but the landscape of link building is changing. What Makes a Good Backlink? The main thing about link building is that quality and quantity both matter. Google values links from sites with strong domain authority think national sites that everyone in your niche has heard of and relevance to your industry. For example, if a small business gets a backlink on The Wall Street Journal, theyre getting a top-notch link.

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