Backlinks are links from other sites to yours.
If there are heaps of backlinks going to your page with the right keywords these can be the same or related, that page has an excellent chance of ranking well for the targeted phrase in the anchor text. So should you buy backlinks today? The answer is no - not if you are buying backlinks indiscriminately, through third party companies and in bulk low quality. This is what Google describes as a 'black-hat' technique. But if you buy backlinks from a trustworthy company that specializes in the careful work required to research and provide you with only relevant and individual backlinks to the target keywords on your website from sites of authority, then you will have back-linking success. Would you like to analyze your website to determine which keywords are important to link from and improve your search visibility? Click here for a free analysis. Weve developed an online tool called SEOPageOptimizer to analyse the SEO content of your web pages and help you rise up Googles rankings for your target short-tail or long-tail keyword.
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Duplicate Content Checker. Domain Keyword Tool. Keyword List Comparison. SEO Site Planner. Home Blogs Aaron Wall's' blog. Gain a competitive advantage Today! Five Dreaded SEO Topics We Hope We Never See Again. How Your Competitors Can Help You. Majestic SEO - Interview of Alex Chudnovsky. I have been fond of the depth of Majestic SEO's' data and the speed with which you can download millions of backlinks for a website.
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INTELLITONIC, LLC 360.305.3515 Bellingham, WA. What Majestic Can Tell You About Your Websites Backlinks. May 1, 2018. Backlinks with Majestic. Majestic is a powerful tool to improve your SEO. With their data on backlinks, trust flow, and referring domains you can plan your strategy and better understand your competitive sphere.
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Meaning that Majestic can be a valuable resource for search engine optimisation and link building strategies. Majestics features include site explorer tool, campaigns, link context and a massive index database. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of Majestic as an effective and beneficial SEO tool.: Trust flow and Citation flow. These are the most significant and unique metrics that Majestic offers. Citation flow relates to the number of links a website has pointing towards it. Although this metric does not take into account the quality of the links, it just indicates the potential influence of the domain. Trust flow, on the other hand, does measure the quality of the links and evaluates the trustworthiness of the website. Both of these metrics are better when higher as they indicate plenty of links as well as high-quality links. You can use these metrics to monitor your own websites trust and citation flow. As your backlinks increase, does your trust flow increase?
What Is Trust Flow?
Together, citation flow trust flow are used to assess the overall authority of a website based on the its backlink profile. Ultimately, it is the ratio of these two metrics that is of importance: the closer the ratio between trust flow and citation flow the better because this indicates that the majority quantity of the backlinks are of quality. Topical trust flow. Majestic also offers a detailed breakdown of a websites trust flow within its category or vertical, called the topical trust flow.
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If you review backlinks then you will need Majestic. Reviewed on 03/02/2021. I think the amount of data that Majestic provides compared to other tools. I also like the citation and trust flow measurements of Majestic. I wish there was a mobile app version of the software. Industry: Financial Services. Company size: 1,001-5,000, Employees. Used Weekly for 2 years. Value for Money. Ease of Use. Likelihood to recommend 8.0 10. Good SEO Tool.
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Toggle navigation Course Structures. An Introduction to Backlinks. Sponsored by Majestic. Learn what links are, why links are important, good amp; bad links, how to conduct a backlink audit, and how to earn good backlinks. In association with Majestic. Enrol in Course for FREE. off original price! The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! New to SEO and Linkbuilding?
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The total number of unique referring domains that are linking to your website. Your websites overall Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores. And you will see the following data for each backlink.: Trust Flow and Citation Flow of the linking website. Backlink status follow or nofollow. URL of the page where the backlink is placed. URL of the page on your website where the backlink is pointing. Anchor text in which your backlink is embedded. What to do with information about your websites backlinks. There are many powerful ways to use this Free Backlink Checker Tool.: Get a clear picture of your backlink profile health and its impact on your SEO performance. Improve Your Backlinks. Earn more link juice with the links you already have. Reach out to webmasters when a backlink has less than optimal anchor text, has a nofollow attribute, or links to outdated content. Disavow any poor quality backlinks that you uncover so negative SEO doesnt drag your content down. Improve Your SEO. Create excellent, linkworthy content and focus more energy on link building, then use the Free Backlink Checker to spot changes in your top 300 backlinks.
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Majestic Trust Flow metrics are a useful metric for SEO professionals to gauge the strength and relevancy of a websites backlink profile. Like any third party SEO tool metric, these metrics must be taken with a grain of salt. Higher metrics do not always correlate to higher rankings; however, they can be a useful reference point for link building.
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Share of Voice. Connect Content and SEO. Win at SEO. Succeed with BrightEdge. White Papers and POVs. Request Demo Login s. Search this site. Request a demo. Majestic Moz Integrations. Industry Leading Backlink Management. A crucial component of a successful content performance program includes white hat backlink management, specifically backlink tracking, acquisition of high quality backlinks, and competitive backlink discovery.

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